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Meet the Staff of AutoRama Pre-Owned Cars

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Tom Mitchell - Owner Operator

(770) 638-7233 - tmitchell@autorama.net

I have been in the automotive industry since 1983. I worked for the Neal Pope and started in sales and worked my way up to GM and stayed with the Pope Organization for over 12 years. I then worked as a GM for Buford Auto Plaza for another 2 years prior to opening Autorama in April 1997. Mark Gillespie and I opened this store and worked here by ourselves for 3 years before adding additional employees. We have come from 15-20 cars in stock to now having $1.5 million in cars at any given time and a large arrange of lenders offering rates as low as 1.9% depending on car credit of the individual. I personally buy all the cars we have in inventory myself. I am originally from NJ, born in Camden and moved here with my parents when I was in the 5th grade. I went to High School at Berkmar, across the street from the Dealership here in Lilburn, then off to college at West Ga. I work here with my wife and father along with others that have been with me for years. We have 4 great children and we are proud of the family type business we have developed. I look forward to meeting you when you come see us. I love the automotive industry and I strive to be the best I can be and help as many people as I can with their credit and getting them the car of their dreams. I take pride in the A+ rating we have with the BBB and mine and my wife's involvement with different charities in the local area. Please feel free to come visit us and say hello. - Tom Mitchell Sr.

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Gretchen Mitchell - Owner Operator

770-638-7233 - gmitchell@autorama.net

Gretchen is the for all intense purposes is the REAL BOSS here at Autorama. Although she had to sleep with the owner to get the job she has really done great things here. She only works 10am-2pm and then has to go to her second job “The family’s Children” TJ, Drew, Trent, And the Lovely Tori and all their activities as well as the GLUE to keeping the family as one. With out her this place couldn’t run and Tom would not be happy with her not here with him.

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Mark Gillespie - General Manager

770-638-7233 - mgillespie@autorama.net

Mark is a graduate of Roanoke College is 1990 with a Bachelors in Economics and International Relations.  He has been in the car business since 1992, working with Mr. Mitchell since that time.  During the last 20+ years, Mark has accumulated significant experience in all aspects of the car business-retail sales, wholesale sales, finance , and operations.  Mark has been at AutoRama since we opened in 1977.  He currently oversees our wholesale sales and daily operations while providing support for the sales and finance departments.

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Craig Eunice - Inventory Manager

(770) 638-7233 - craig@autorama.net

Craig has been in the automotive industry since 1987. Having created and owning two successful companies, Craig entered into the automotive industry after selling the first company. Craig quickly became a user car manager for the Rick Case organization where he worked his first 10 years in the industry and also where he first met Tom. He then moved to the University Automotive Group where he worked as the used car director, sales manager and general sales manager. Taking a break from the automotive industry in 2006, Craig created his second company. After running into his good friend, Tom, a little later, Craig joined the AutoRama family working closely with Tom, helping him with his very successful dealership. Please come by and say "hi" to Craig where he can help you with all of your automotive needs!

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Kelly Dyer - Financing

770-638-7233 - kdyer@autorama.net

Kelly nicked named “Grumpy” was originally hired in the car business by Tom the owner of Autorama over 20 years ago. Since he was a salesperson for Tom he has grown into one of the best car managers in the business. He has made his own name for himself in the Atlanta market place and is well known and respected in the industry. Kelly joined the Autorama team in 2016 and is running the Lilburn location and if you need anything he will be there to assist you just ask for him. BTW he is only Grumpy with us he loves the customers and is never Grumpy with them lol…

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Cristain Rendon - Sales

- Cristian98526@gmail.net

Coming soon

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TJ Mitchell - Buyer

770-638-7233 -

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Drew Ferguson - Wholesale Operator

770-638-7233 - drew@autorama.net

As thought this picture looks a little feminine for Drew he was a good wrestler in HS and College and you would never know looking at this picture for sure. Drew does numerous jobs here at Autorama. He can do Finance as well as he is responsible for all the Wholesale cars getting up and ready for delivery. He works with the vendors getting the cars to look their best for sale. He always has a smile on and is chipper unless he is with his dad Tom that is.

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Tom “Mr. Tom” Mitchell - Inventory Specialist

(770) 638-7233 - temitchell@autorama.net

Tom “Mr. Tom” Mitchell is the most senior member of our staff. His primary duty is the maintenance of our advertising presence on the web. Mr. Tom is responsible for the beautiful photos of our inventory you enjoy on the internet. Additionally, Mr. Tom handles most of our logistics functions – contract and title delivery, vendor scheduling, equipment ordering, basic IT, etc.